SIETAR Austria

What is SIETAR Austria?

SIETAR Austria is a non-profit organization, supported by a Board of Directors working on a voluntary basis to foster the link between science and the business realities.

We represent a networking platform, a scientific forum and a meeting place for the intercultural community in Austria and beyond.

We are an active member of SIETAR Global and SIETAR Europa, the biggest association fostering intercultural awareness in research, politics, economy and education worldwide.

We support the research and development of new training methods and tools for education, business and society. We aim to promote awareness, respect, and the participation of people coming from different cultural backgrounds in society.

We offer regular events like Culture Talks, workshops, conferences, panel discussions, and publications.

Our Mission:

SIETAR Austria aims to encourage mutual adaptation in intercultural interaction, meaning everyone is valued to the same extent, where difference is recognized for its potential and unity is leveraged through inclusion.

Our Network:

The worldwide SIETAR network consists of SIETAR Global Connect (founded 1974), SIETAR Europa (founded 1991), more than 30 national as well as regional networks with over 3000 members, along with Young SIETAR, a network for students and young professionals.


  • Highlight the need for increased intercultural awareness in Austria
  • Be connected with like-minded specialists all over the world
  • Bring your ideas and energy – we can offer space for your creativity
  • Share your resources, ideas, research and best practices with experts
  • Contribute to the development of the intercultural profession that is dedicated to promoting real understanding among people in Austria


  • Access to the worldwide SIETAR network
  • Receive invitations to conferences, workshops and working groups
  • Help shape the association
  • Obtain reduced fees for worldwide SIETAR events
  • Access our E-newsletter with announcements of upcoming events and current information about SIETAR
  • Receive notifications of searches for trainers, job offers, and further education
  • Gain the possibility to present your company or service on our website

Interested in becoming a member of SIETAR Austria? Detailed information can be found on our members page or by sending an email to .