Outsourcing European Borders – interkulturelles Filmemachen in Niger

We would like to invite you for our next “Culture Talk” with the title “Outsourcing European Borders – interkulturelles Filmemachen in Niger“ will be held online in German on Thu., 9th November from 6:30 p.m.– 7:30 p.m. (CET) by Gabriela Schild and Gerald Igor Hauzenberger, who were shooting a documentary film in Agadez at the time of the military coup last August.

Please access the roundtable via Zoom using the following information:
Meeting ID: 683 7806 9588
Passcode: 225749
Registration: claudia.pauzenberger@mci.edu

Gabriela and Igor will share their experiences during the 5 year-long shooting of their documentary about Niger, focusing on the country’s cultural specificities and why it is/was a strategic partner of the utmost importance for Europe. They will give input on intercultural filmmaking in the context of colonial wounds and transgenerational trauma. Furthermore, they will give an outlook on to what extent the United Nations can provide protection to the people of the region as well as on how Africa could achieve greater autonomy.

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