Language learning opens doors to new worlds

Learning a foreign language opens horizons. Find out what language skills are beyond the scope of pure communication and why adults can not learn enough languages, in this article.

Foreign languages ​​not only bring the obvious added value that we can communicate with people of other languages. Anyone who learns a foreign language will go beyond that

open new horizons,
better understand the foreign as well as the own culture,
train his gray cells,
strengthen his self-confidence,
Experience fun in the language and
spending his stay abroad in the true sense of the word “entertaining”.

New Horizons

This is how new languages ​​open new horizons. We automatically deal with the respective culture and get to know customs and habits. In a good language training you go on national holidays as well as on the cultural habits of hospitality over table manners up to the punctuality. You will learn how people in the country are ticking, what they eat and how they spend their free time. New languages ​​open doors to new worlds. Incidentally, a broad horizon and cosmopolitanism are not only well received in small talk. Many employers also value cosmopolitan employees at work.

Understand own culture

Those who deal with other cultures will appreciate the subtleties of their own culture. Because who deals with customs, tradition, language, body language, manners and values ​​of other cultures, will inevitably know their own culture better and learn to demarcate.

Training for the gray cells

Learning new languages ​​is an excellent training for the gray cells. For example, structured thinking is trained in grammar exercises and memory is taught in vocabulary learning. So another good reason for learning foreign languages ​​- into old age: learning languages ​​keeps you mentally fit.

For a strong self-confidence

Positive feedback will increase your self-confidence. In the language course or when ordering at the Italian, ideally on vacation in the country – if you can use your newly acquired language skills once, you will be proud of yourself.

Fun factor language

The language itself can quickly become a hobby, not only in the course, even in everyday life can experiment with the new skills. They go to foreign-language movies or read books in the language. When Italians are just as new acquaintances as in the language course and every purchase is a language trip, if you want to cook to original recipe. Not to forget: every holiday can be used for an exciting language trip.

Languages ​​also make you sexy. In any case, a study on dating platforms by Philip Beresford has shown that people who speak a foreign language are seen to be smarter and more attractive than people who only speak their native language.

Flexible in job and everyday life

Languages ​​can be real job boosters. There are often better job opportunities – on the one hand due to the additional qualification, on the other hand because you are not so tied up locally and can also accept jobs abroad.

You see, a new language brings many positive “side effects” and is fun. Who cultivates his language skills, will enrich his whole life.


SIETAR-Austria-Member Karin Bornett is a freelance copywriter and blogger in the Bildungsraum in the district of Mödling south of Vienna. The education space is all about languages, intercultural competence and successful communication.

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