Every spring SIETAR Austria opens its virtual internship doors for young talented students of the Final Stage Bachelor’s Program with a specialization in intercultural communication. During the 12 weeks (Feb-April) of the internship, selected interns get to work on important and substantive tasks within specific intercultural projects under the supervision of the internship coordinator.  

The virtual internship provided by @Sietar Austria aims to help interns translate academic knowledge into practical context, and offers a valuable window into the global intercultural SIETAR world. Learning is enhanced through engagement with the SIETAR EUROPA network, impacting students’ personal and professional growth. The position is focused on project management and content creation. 

Sietar Austria promotes intercultural youth education, connects across cultures and generations, and provides opportunities for BA-level students to practice real-world intercultural education, research, and training. Intern candidates should represent a highly motivated cohort of globally-minded individuals who demonstrate personal, professional, and global motivations.

Testimonials from our past interns